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Monette is a digital communications agency serving clients in luxury industries including fine wines, spirits, and gastronomy. Based in Bordeaux, the agency boasts an impressive collection of luxury brands in its portfolio, such as Château d’Yquem, AXA Millésimes (Pichon Baron, Quinta do Noval…), Haut-Bailly, and Bibi Graetz.   

What sets Monette apart from other marketing agencies is its wine and spirits niche. Managing communication strategies for clients selling bespoke, one-of-a-kind products requires a unique approach each time.

This level of individual attention is exactly what made Luc Chanut, founder and CEO of Monette, fall in love with the fine wine and spirits industry.

Like the art of winemaking in general, Monette’s clients are fairly traditional when it comes to marketing and advertising. This is where Luc comes in — helping them with their marketing strategy, branding, social media, campaigns, press releases, and email marketing. 

When Luc started his business in 2015, he was using a common go-to email marketing solution. A year later, he came across Brevo and decided to give it a try.

Making the switch and never looking back

Having stumbled upon Brevo by chance, Luc had no plans of migrating Monette’s email operations to a new tool. But since trying Brevo, he hasn’t looked back.

Compared to Monette’s previous email provider, Luc says Brevo is “less expensive, well-made, and extremely user-friendly.” This last point is particularly important for Monette. Because the agency handles email marketing for all its clients, a seamless user experience means saving both time and money.

Luc explains that for most of his clients, email marketing is a way to keep in touch with the people who visit their vineyards, including brokers, merchants, resellers, and journalists. Because most vineyards don’t directly sell their product, Monette’s clients use email as an awareness channel, sharing production updates and informative content about their wine.

Brevo has allowed Monette to organize and keep track of its clients’ contacts by segmenting them into dedicated lists depending on their role in the supply chain. This way, Luc’s team can send content that’s targeted for each specific group. 

For instance, resellers don’t need to know about this year’s harvest as much as they need details about wine that’s already on the market. Conversely, brokers would be looking for production updates that may affect new wine sales. Thanks to segmentation, Monette is able to give everyone the information they’re looking for.

Another reason Luc and his team love Brevo is the French-language support. According to him, “Having French-speaking customer support has been a real advantage. Plus, they’re extremely quick to respond, which we love.”

Finally, when asked about his favorite feature on the platform, Luc responds, “Honestly, everything we use, we love!”

Getting everything they wanted out of Brevo

For agencies, the main consideration when choosing any kind of software is whether it will work for all their clients. As Luc mentioned, every winemaker is unique, requiring an agency like Monette to be responsive and respectful of this individuality, even when it comes to software solutions.

This is part of why Luc is so pleased with Brevo. He explains that “Monette has created accounts for all clients who need one and that they’re all pleased with the solution.”

Another advantage of Brevo is the intuitive and detailed reporting of campaigns, which allow Monette to quickly evaluate its clients’ campaigns and provide succinct, detailed reports.

For agencies like Monette, having a reliable and efficient email solution is a top priority. For Luc and his team, Brevo does the job.

About Company

Monette is a marketing agency based in Bordeaux, France that serves clients in the worlds of fine wine, spirits, and gastronomy. The agency distinguishes itself from others in the marketing industry by being human-sized, passionate, and bespoke — just like its clients. On every project, Monette's goal is to arouse emotion in saturated and competitive markets, tailoring the approach to suit clients' specific needs.

  • Industry: Marketing & advertising
  • Company Size: 8 employees
  • Location: Bordeaux, France
  • Website: monette.fr
  • Plan: Pay As You Go

Luc Chanut, Founder and CEO

“Compared to our previous provider, Brevo is less expensive, well-made, and extremely user-friendly.”

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