Leaders in the electronic invoice and document business

Moj-eRačun is a leading information intermediary for the exchange of electronic invoices and business documents. The company was founded in Croatia, with the mission of supporting businesses in the process of digitization. Moj-eRačun provides clients with increased efficiency and greater control over their business processes, as well as reducing costs to increase their competitiveness.

Their three-service package focuses on invoices, archives, and documentation management and it is affordable to small and medium-sized business in a digital transformation journey as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to developing their own information systems.

With changes in regulations in Croatia requiring companies to submit electronic invoices to the government, and the growing trend of digitization in general, the company has experienced rapid expansion. Only in 2019, they went from 3,000 users to 13,000 in two months and were managing over 3 million documents.

Prioritizing deliverability and tracking to stand out from their competitors

In early 2017, Moj-eRačun had a team of around 12 people. Fast forward to 2021, the company has almost 80 employees and has grown 200% becoming the leader of electronic document management in Croatia.

The team explains how a key factor in the success of Moj-eRačun, has been implementing email notifications in the electronic document exchange, a practice neglected by their competitors at the time. “By adding this step to our process, we could ensure the recipients were informed of the electronic documents sent to them. This prevents the suppliers that use our services from losing revenue due to unpaid invoices. It also means ensuring that the files managed by us are being downloaded. If a recipient never downloads the invoice, we are also losing revenue.”

To achieve this, the team of Moj-eRačun knew they needed a robust transactional email service providing excellent deliverability and tracking capabilities, especially since their transactions are time-sensitive. They explain, “If a user hasn’t downloaded a document or invoice after 5 days, we need to do a follow-up immediately, which is usually a call. For this step, we need to have an understanding of what happened to the notifications sent.”

On the lookout for an user-friendly and technically rich solution

After having tried two different email providers, the team at Moj-eRačun wasn’t satisfied. Their need for a high deliverability rate wasn’t met with other platforms, nor were tracking capabilities provided. Besides this, the interfaces were complicated to use and navigate.

“When we decided to switch providers the first thing we did was go online and search the top 10 email providers and Brevo came on top. After this, we had a conversion with the sales team to see if the solution met our needs,” explains the team. “The sales team was very helpful in answering our questions, and we were very satisfied with the offer.

Having an IT Senior consultant in the company, the team was very sure of the particular technical requirements the platform needed to offer for a successful implementation at Moj-eRačun. “The technical support aspect was a big factor in our decision to choose Brevo, and particularly the dedicated IP we have as part of our Enterprise plan. It took us a week to set up everything. It was very quick,” they explain. “We also have opened a subdomain, and we have enough emails to ensure our operations are running smoothly.”

Continuing digitization with their Enterprise plan

After fully implementing the Brevo platform, the team at Moj-eRačun is satisfied with the results they are getting for their transactional emails. Our current deliverability rate is 97.7% which is very positive for our specific notification process.”

The team also mentioned the plans for the company. They have new services in their product roadmap which they plan to release soon, and with this they expect their user base to continue growing. On average, we are sending 800K emails per month, and we are expecting it to grow to 1 million in the near future with the new services we’ll release,” they explain. “The digitization trend has been very positive for our business, and we hope to keep on growing as more and more businesses find the paper-based processes out-dated. Also, suppliers find their customers are paying their invoices much quicker than before after adopting the electronic document system.”

The team at Moj-eRačun is keen to explore and leverage the rest of the Brevo features provided in their Enterprise plan, to have both transactional and marketing emails centralized in one place.

Company Information

Moj-eRačun is the largest electronic invoice service and network in Croatia. The company was founded in 2013 and has grown rapidly, becoming the market leader in just a few years. Moj-eRačun is an information intermediary between suppliers and customers from both the B2B and B2G (Business to Government) sectors. The company supports the exchange, archiving, and management of electronic documents and invoices. They support customers at every step of the electronic document journey, from issuing to sending to archiving.

  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Company Size: 80 employees
  • Location: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Website: moj-eracun.hr
  • Plan: BrevoPlus

The team at Moj-eRačun

“Our current deliverability rate is 97.7% which is very positive for our specific notification process"

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