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As the first online flower shop founded in Romania, FlorideLux.ro has been delivering floral gifts and decorations to customers around the country since 2003. The company uses transactional emails and automated communications, allowing them to confirm placed orders, send payment links, and arrange shipping and delivery.

Working with a GDPR consultant to improve their regulatory compliance, the company was also in search of a solution that could help them implement an overall better customer journey, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce product returns and complaints.

Marius Dosinescu, CEO and founder of the family business, tells his story with Brevo and the positive impact the platform has had on his company’s results in just a few months.

Brevo: the obvious choice for reliability and easy integration

Initially driven by the need to find a provider that would host their data within the EU in order to be GDPR-compliant, Floridelux.ro was also facing a number of challenges with regards to their customer journey. Their typical online buyer process involves customers receiving a photo of their order, to either confirm it or request changes. Some customers also place their order over the phone, requiring a secure payment link to be sent out via email. With their previous provider, there were critical gaps to be closed, like their email delivery rate of 75 to 80% and sparse reporting on the actual delivery of individual emails.

“Many clients were not receiving the photo in time, and this meant more returns and unsatisfied customers,” Marius explains. “In addition, without a delivery or open confirmation, I couldn’t tell if a customer had seen the message, which made it impossible to have a refund policy in case of complaints.”

They were also looking for a solution that was easy to integrate with Magento. They wanted a solution that could seamlessly migrate their data and implement automated workflows using abandoned cart data. To achieve this, they needed excellent deliverability as well as detailed reports of each action in the scenarios, to better understand customer behavior. “I value the fact that Brevo has the integration with Magento, this was especially good because we are in the process of migrating from V1 to V2 and Brevo had both integrations available”, adds Marius.

As their previous provider was unable to meet their needs, their GDPR consultant suggested Brevo, which matched all the technical requirements and tools they needed for their business. Marius also mentions how the quality of client support was a decisive factor to switch to Brevo: “The support convinced us. If we have any questions or an issue, we submit a ticket via email and within a few hours we receive an answer. I ask a lot of simple questions and they always respond to me very nicely.”

Transactional emails convert more customers

Initially nervous about switching platforms and missing out on orders, Marius was pleasantly surprised in the end: “I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, especially because you have to be very careful with the data migration, but the process was truly simple and I was happy to see the data was properly migrated and mapped.”

As he began to implement the platform, the CEO came to see how each step of the process enabled him to achieve better performance. My account was validated in a matter of hours, so I was able to send the first newsletter very quickly. It was surprising to send small batches to begin with, but once you understand the process, it makes sense, it’s very logical,” Marius explains.

For Floridelux.ro, the priority was to deploy the transactional email feature and integrate it with Magento, their eshop provider. “We employ different florists who use an app connected to Magento so they can take a picture and send it as a transactional email via Brevo, then the customer replies to confirm the order. I typically saw an increase in replies,” Marius adds.

The SMTP was a game-changer for the flower shop, as well as the ability to view the domains where they were blacklisted before. The CEO also noticed a big difference in his ability to track results, “I now know individually who has received and opened the email, so I can show them the proof that they got the picture. I am also able to tell who exactly converted from the abandoned cart.”

Besides the transactional email and the automation tools, the business also uses the email marketing feature for regular newsletters with promotions and discounts. Marius explains this feature is also very important since the most profitable customer actions are driven by seasonality and special dates. “We’ve achieved 38% open rates on some campaigns, we’ve simply never reached this kind of result before!” 

10% increase in revenue and 99% deliverability

After less than three months starting on the platform, the Floridelux.ro team is already benefiting from a 10% revenue increase, which they attribute mostly to the improved deliverability rate of their transactional emails. “We now have a 99% deliverability rate, it’s a big improvement considering our starting point!” Marius highlights.

A major pain point in the past for the business and the customers, client satisfaction was noticeably on the rise according to the CEO. “The emails are landing and we’re no longer receiving complaints. I also noticed a lot more customers were repurchasing. Our process is no longer hurting our business,” Marius adds.

With the automation tool, the company has also implemented a feedback survey sent 5 days after an order is placed, to have a better understanding of the customer satisfaction and adjust their user experience.

Marius is confident he made the right choice with Brevo. “With our previous solution we were paying too much and we were not getting good results. Now I feel I’m receiving a good service and product for my money and as a local business, that is very important. Also, I feel more secure now that I’m being GDPR compliant,” he says.

Floridelux.ro now plans to make the most of the platform and the additional features Brevo offers: “Once we’d switched to Brevo, we realized there were a lot more features than we thought that were worth exploring and implementing. I’ve moved to the new Inbox app already, and the solution is very intuitive and easy to use,” Marius says. “At the moment, we are looking to implement the live chat and CRM features. It will take us a few months, but I’m sure with the support and the documentation available on the website, I will be able to use these tools in the very near future,” the CEO concludes.

About Company

Founded in 2003 in Bucharest, Romania, FlorideLux.ro is an independent family company dedicated to offering flower arrangements to local customers in Romania via their ecommerce shops and websites. The company has followed Romanian customers' shifting preference toward digital businesses, providing floral bouquets, gifts, and decorations online.

  • Industry: Consumer Goods
  • Company Size: 20 employees
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania
  • Website: floridelux.ro
  • Plan: Premium

Marius Dosinescu, Founder and CEO at FlorideLux.ro

“After only a few months using Brevo, I’m already seeing amazing results. The outstanding deliverability rate has reduced complaints and increased revenue. And I’m able to do a lot more to improve the customer journey.”

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