On the hunt for reliability, but finding so much more

When Andrew Abony, CEO of Adbloom, first discovered Brevo, it was out of the need for a reliable email provider. As an affiliate and partnerships marketing agency, Adbloom helps power hundreds of affiliate partners ranging from micro influencers to large scale creators, paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars of monthly earnings. Adbloom partners depend on those transactional emails to understand their earnings, and how they might need to adjust their strategies — making email deliverability crucial.

At the same time, Adbloom needed to be able to market their own services, in addition to delivering on the email marketing needs of their clients. They had separate email tools for each function (transactional emails, automations, and newsletters), and managing multiple platforms had become cumbersome and costly.

Andrew found a rock solid solution with Brevo.

“As we started to scale the business, we had communication needs that were quickly outgrowing our existing tech stack. We were looking for a solution that would both support our need to send high volumes of customized transactional emails while also being able to manage newsletters, and contact lists.”

When a new cluster of EdTech clients with unique marketing needs surfaced in Adbloom’s ecosystem, they didn’t hesitate in accepting the challenge — Brevo’s Marketing Platform had all the features they needed to help reach their clients’ goals. 

One platform to do it all

Brevo’s Marketing Platform offered a comprehensive solution that empowered Adbloom to streamline their communication efforts and explore new lines of business.

Andrew was able to meet all his marketing requirements within a single platform, reducing his tech stack and simplifying operations.

“As CEO, it’s my job to enable my people to do their best work in the simplest and easiest way with the lowest amount of friction possible. Simultaneously, we have to deliver exceptional service to our creator and influencer partners. With Brevo, our people are able to start using the system quickly because their system is intuitive. Versus having four different systems, where the amount of process was significantly more rigorous.”

Adbloom utilized Brevo’s segmentation and automation capabilities to easily speak to their different audiences (affiliates, partners, customers, and clients’) and deliver personalized content that drove engagement and improved conversion rates.

Flexibility in Brevo’s pricing model allowed Adbloom to experiment with new features in a cost effective manner as the needs of their clients evolved.

“Brevo’s all-in-one solution allows us the flexibility to try new things, to scale up or down as needed, without adding another tool or heavy investment. The best part is that we only pay for what we actually use.”

This flexibility allowed them to expand their services, taking on new lines of business such as managing landing pages and lifecycle automations for new clients, thus diversifying revenue streams and bolstering Adbloom’s growth trajectory. 

Consolidation and expansion

Within a year of using Brevo, Adbloom turned their Edtech practice into a million dollar revenue center, creating profound earnings for their influencer and creator community — a feat they wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the support of Brevo.

They were also able to substantially increase the efficiency and productivity of their team, delivering everything employees needed to get done in one easy-to-use platform.

As Andrew puts it, “The ability to access all the tools we need right at our fingertips, without having to band-aid together a new solution, is a huge benefit for us. The flexibility to easily upgrade and downgrade is unmatched. It makes Brevo a really sticky and valuable product for us.”

About Company

Adbloom is a growth marketing firm specializing in partnership and affiliate marketing for high-growth startups and enterprise clients. Through their extensive network of influencers, communities, and mobile apps, they help customers integrate their brands across distribution channels and skyrocket new user acquisition.

  • Industry: Professional Services, Marketing
  • Company Size: 8
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Website: adbloom.com

Andrew Abony, CEO and Co-Founder of AdBloom

“Brevo’s all in one solution allows us the flexibility to try new things, to scale up or down as needed, without adding another tool or heavy investment. The best part is that we only pay for what we actually use.”

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