Comparing Brevo Enterprise vs. Mailchimp

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Comparing email marketing features: Take it to the next level with Brevo Enterprise

Brevo has all the same features as Mailchimp when it comes to email marketing and transactional emails. But your possibilities don’t end there: Brevo is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. We do a whole lot more than just email. We follow you along your journey to achieve success together and hit your KPIs.

For the main features you need to create and send effective email campaigns. Brevo and Mailchimp have got you covered. However, some of these are missing from Mailchimp’s functional scope:

Available features Brevo Mailchimp
Free unlimited contact storage
Contact segmentation
Transactional emails
Transactional SMS
A/B testing
GDPR compliance
Real-time reporting
Multi user account
Webpage visit trigger
Landing page builder
SMS Marketing Text Marketer plugin
Dedicated IP
Unparalleled support Multilingual in 5 time zones English only from 9am-5pm ET
Complex automation workflows (if/then/else)


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They went for Brevo

A fantastic, easy to use mailing service!

"After becoming increasingly frustrated with the limitations of MailChimp, I began to research some alternatives. I came across Brevo, which was perfect because it offered unlimited contacts for free! I was able to transfer my email contacts with ease, and copy across my content and formatting for all of my campaigns. I would definitely recommend Brevo."

Saim Khan

I migrated away from Mailchimp

"I migrated away from Mailchimp as their prices were becoming astronomical - Brevo is so much better anyhow, and a lot less confusing."

Wayne Hodkinson

Excellent marketing tool at the best price

"Brevo is the best option to carry out marketing campaigns through emails, this software also has the tool to send transactional emails. The cost varies by the amount of emails sent and even then the rate is cheap, the relationships with the customers stronger and everything turns out to be very easy to handle with each innovative feature."

Yomaira Cecilia R

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