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Brevo’s mission is to connect all organizations with their customers, and SaaS Companies are no different. Just like any business, you also need to foster strong relationships with your clients and users in order to pursue your mission.

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We want to make sure that you are creating top-quality lead magnets and send personalized emails to these contacts since personalized attention is what will connect you with your audience at a human level and results in more sales opportunities. Make the most of all the Brevo features and discover how our all-in-one engagement solution will help you be there for your customers in the moments that matter! Book a meeting with one of our Brevo experts today and get your free consultation.

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We have created this ebook to help software companies, just like yours, unlock the potential of email marketing for brand-building, to drive conversions, and to create a solid relationship with acquired customers to support their retention efforts. Download our free ebook now to benefit from our expertise on how to optimize your sales funnel. Enjoy the reading!

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CFAST is a startup that sells tailored software solutions to alternative telecommunications operators and has centered his entire marketing strategy on the automation feature, by implementing Brevo forms as the entry point for the automation workflows. Find out how the French B2B startup achieved an open rate of 64% on their automated email campaigns.

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Retail-technology startup WARPSPD achieves excellent transactional email & SMS deliverability with Brevo. After a year of using the platform, the company reports an increment in its deliverability rate between 5 and 10%.

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