Brevo Plus

All of your customer relationships managed under one roof

Centralize all of your contact information, track every customer interaction and segment contact groups for more personalized communication.

Store and organize contacts effectively

Store all of the information you have about your contacts, including notes from your previous call or meeting and relevant documents that you upload directly into the contact profile. Make any necessary updates once, without having to remember everywhere else your contact data lives.

Use different lists to organize your contacts based on similar characteristics, source of acquisition, step in the conversion funnel, or any other criteria that work for you!

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Make your emails more relevant with targeted segmentation by behaviour and traits

Segmenting your contact list into smaller groups of contacts with similar characteristics lets you tailor email content more effectively.

With Brevo, segmentation can be done based on many different dimensions, including some specifically built for ecommerce. With unlimited lists and contacts in Brevo, your creativity has no limits!

Group contacts however you want and take your strategy further by choosing even smaller segments based on criteria that you choose (e.g. gender, geography, purchase history, etc.) for a more targeted approach.

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Explore individual contact profiles

Brevo's contact details page

Brevo's contact details page

Brevo's contact details page allows you to find all the information and actions related to a contact in one page, such as their attributes, the lists they've been added to, their email statistics, their activities on your website, etc.

For ecommerce specifically, you can see their orders, and the products they purchased.

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Segment your lists straight from the signup moment

Segment your lists straight from the signup moment

Add fields accordingly to the contact attributes you want to gather about your new subscribers. Use multi-select subscriptions to allow new contacts to declare interests or preferences at signup and place them in corresponding lists.

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Why Brevo?

GDPR Compliance and Deliverability

GDPR Compliance and Deliverability

We are a European company, hosting most of our servers within the EU. We have established means to guarantee GDPR compliance across our entire chain of data processing with all of our partner software providers. We actively manage email servers to ensure they maintain a positive sender reputation for the best possible email deliverability.

Quality of Support

Quality of Support

A Technical Account Manager will support you to ensure a smooth platform implementation with excellent end-to-end support, backed by our team of specialists in transactional emails to closely monitor IPs and senders. Our Support team is available 24/7 to solve any technical doubts. Available via email, chat, and phone they always have your back.

Dedicated Enterprise infrastructure

Dedicated Enterprise infrastructure

Beyond campaign management features and advertising tools, Brevo provides Enterprise clients with a sturdy and custom platform to fit the needs of larger organizations. Exclusive features to the Enterprise plan include multi-account management, Single Sign-On, advanced integrations with other platforms such as Salesforce, metered billing, flexible account management and access to a sandbox.

A Practical Guide to Email Contact List Cleaning

Discover the benefits of email list cleaning and how to successfully keep a tidy contact list to optimize your email marketing campaigns, maintain your sender reputation, and build a better relationship with your audiences. It's always a good time to clean up!

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