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What is Skyvia?

Skyvia is a no-code cloud universal SaaS platform for integrating Brevo data with 170+ apps, databases, and data warehouses. Set up data flows in seconds from anywhere within a web-based visual wizard.

Why Skyvia?

Benefit from the data generated in other apps by bringing it into Brevo to refine your marketing campaigns and increase conversions. Send your Brevo data to other cloud apps or data warehouses to perform an extensive analysis of your ongoing business results.

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Connect Brevo with Skyvia and configure the data integration pipelines with ETL, ELT, data warehousing, and workflow automation scenarios. Don’t hesitate to try out Skyvia in action today with a free plan!

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Connect Brevo to Any Tool of Interest with Skyvia Integration Scenarios

  • Import. Send Contacts, Senders, Templates, Email_Campaigns, etc., directly to/from major cloud and on-premise data sources. Powerful mapping settings allow you to load and synchronize Brevo data with sources having different data structures.
  • Export. Extract your Brevo data into a CSV file and save it on your computer or on a file storage system.Replication. Copy Brevo data to a relational database or a data warehouse and keep it in the actual state. This could be a real advantage if you perform data analysis on the basis of your database or data warehouse.
  • Synchronization. Perform bi-directional data sync between Brevo and another cloud app to keep the information up-to-date in both sources.
  • Advanced integration: Data Flow and Control Flow. Use complex data transformations and involve several sources for building advanced data integration pipelines and executing them under certain conditions.
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