Email Marketing Industry Benchmark 2020

How do your emails stack up against the competition?

What are the top performers in email marketing doing to achieve success?

Understanding the impact of your email campaigns helps you gather insights into the kind of information your customers value, and beyond having an understanding of your own performance, comparing your results to similar organizations and top performers in the industry can bring an additional angle to improve your strategy. In this report, we analyzed and compiled data of top performers in email marketing, highlighting the best practices, and winning formulas to help you build better email campaigns!

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    What is an industry benchmark?

    It is one of the most efficient ways to have a clear overview of the most important figures and metrics in email marketing. With this report, you will get a better understanding of the efficiency of your email marketing strategy, identifying strengths as well as areas for improvement.

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    Find and exploit your hidden potential by evaluating your KPIs against top performers

    All the data and the results have been already analyzed for you! Inside you will find observations and insights next to each one of the graphics and charts. This Industry Benchmark includes global information as well as market details, and we’ve grouped the results into different regions, depending on the location of the companies.

    What we have compiled in this industry report

    As a leading email marketing platform, we went and got the answers for you...

    Detailed data of 691 companies

    We have analyzed all email marketing campaigns and compared the numbers of the most important figures and metrics for each industry.

    Insights from across the world

    We have sourced information from customers across 46 different countries and grouped the results into regions to facilitate reading.

    Compiled numbers over 12 months

    We have gathered campaign statistics of all Brevo Enterprise Plan customers for a year to understand and compare seasonality across industries.

    Results from all industries included

    In this report, you will be able to access a full-length list of all industries to find out where you stand against your competitors.

    All fundamental KPIs to track with observations

    We have included key metrics such as are open rate, click rate, and click-through-rate (CTR), as well as unsubscription and bounce rates.

    +20 pages of applicable advice for your business

    Don't worry about how you can analyze the results, we have already taken care of that for you! Find inside explanations and insights from our team of experts.

    Become a top performer in email marketing

    Download our Industry Benchmark report today and discover how to stand out in your field with more effective email marketing campaigns!

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