Get your messages to the inbox in a flash with a globally-distributed SMTP server infrastructure built for speed and reliability.


>50% of emails delivered within 1 second


99.98% of emails delivered in under 20 seconds


Real-time performance metrics & custom webhooks

Deliver your most important messages with confidence.

The best vehicle for your transactional emails.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the standard convention used for sending emails on the internet. It’s easy to implement SMTP for transactional emails from web apps and websites, but it requires servers with the right infrastructure to comply with the rules from email inbox providers like Gmail and Yahoo.

Brevo has nearly a decade of deliverability expertise and a dedicated SMTP service to get your most important messages to the inbox.

Email marketing and CRM stats dashboard overview with Brevo.

Better performance & more control.

Speed is key for transactional emails. Brevo’s broad SMTP server infrastructure is actively managed by our team of deliverability experts to the best deliverability and fastest delivery time possible. The option for dedicated IPs offer even more control over deliverability for high-volume senders. Real-time analytics make it easy to know how you’re performing and where you can improve.

Stay in control of your transactional email performance with real-time statistics and the option of sending on a dedicated IP!

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Customize your SMTP the way you want.

Brevo offers a flexible API with libraries to match virtually any stack, including Golang, node.js, Python, C#, and more! Custom webhooks give you even more flexibility to get the information you need right away and use it the way you want! In addition to the API, you can get all the same benefits of Brevo’s SMTP service using one of our CMS plugins or the Brevo SMTP Relay option as well. Learn more:

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