A guide to Email Marketing for
Nonprofit Organizations

It's time to accelerate your fundraising activities with email, the most profitable marketing channel! Based on the experience of our clients in the industry, we've created this ebook to help you achieve your mission. Building an active contact list, sending the best fundraising campaigns, and communicating with your supporters, uncover the best practices to leverage the power of email marketing.

Start leveraging the most effective marketing channel: email!

Nowadays, donors increasingly expect an end-to-end digital process when giving, as non-profit organizations also look to reach younger audiences. This is why it’s becoming less profitable to rely solely on volunteers and street marketing to raise funds. Donating can be quite similar to an e-commerce transaction and as such, people expect the user experience to be just as smooth. With email marketing, you won’t only benefit from the highest return on investment of any marketing channel, but also you can automate, segment, and personalize your messages making it the ideal solution for budget-conscious nonprofits to raise funds and communicate with their audiences.

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    What you will learn from this guide...

    Building and maintaining a solid contact list

    To ensure a good engagement rate with stakeholders and high deliverability of your campaigns, it’s important to have a clean email list at all times.

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    Using email marketing to power your fundraising activities

    Discover why email is one of the best channels to support your fundraising! Besides its many benefits, read a real-life success story that will provide you with a practical view of what you can unlock with email marketing!

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    Strategically segmenting your contact list and differentiating your campaigns

    Learn how to tailor your campaigns to different groups’ preferences using segmentation and how to differentiate your campaigns by objective, to achieve an increased engagement rate and conversions, stronger donor loyalty, and better deliverability.

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    Communicating your efforts to drive loyalty across stakeholders

    Understand the different ways you can use email to keep stakeholders informed of what’s happening with your cause, invite them to events, and more importantly, to ensure that donations on your site are trustworthy thanks to transactional emails.

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    Drive loyalty and offer your donors a rewarding experience thanks to the use of email marketing for your fundraising activities! Download our ebook to start:

    Consolidating your contact list and tailoring it to achieve optimal rates

    Engaging your subscribers from day one to ensure your cause remains in their top of mind

    Building and sending dedicated email campaigns for each one of your activities to achieve better results

    Setting up different communications for your existing contacts to inform them about your cause

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    And discover how to get more recurring donations from your contact list

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