Email Deliverability Services: Meet our Expert consultants

Delivering your transactional emails is our priority. With our enterprise plan, you can count on dedicated specialized support as well as the best infrastructure, so your reputation as a sender is determined solely on your sending behavior.

Enjoy a dedicated consultant and advanced reporting support for optimal deliverability rates

Our email deliverability services experts are constantly at work optimizing the reliability and speed of our SMTP infrastructure.

Monitor and improve your email performance with a team of dedicated experts

  • Obtain full assistance from our team during your IP warming process
  • Get up to 2 hours consulting per month with a deliverability expert to help you accelerate your results
  • Get a complete analysis on your deliverability results to help you adapt to your evolving needs
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No more worrying about whether your email will make it to your contact’s inbox

  • A team of +10 years of email expertise and a dedicated team working to continue improving.
  • A global network of secure servers that are constantly optimized to achieve the best deliverability possible.
  • We actively manage the sender reputation for all of our sending IPs.

Access to real-time data every second

  • Access Complete logs and data and export the sets to CSV or via Webhooks
  • We store data for as long as you need it, according to your own retention policy
  • View real time statistics and logs via the UI (per second updates)
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A powerful dedicated infrastructure to support your high volume sending

Enjoy an ideal technical configuration to ensure an optimal deliverability rate and track your performance in real-time and to a very granular level.

Improve your email performance thanks to our strong deliverability expertise

  • Internal MTA managed by our dedicated deliverability team
  • Enjoy more powerful priority sending with our dedicated Enterprise servers and infrastructure
  • We have good relationships with most email infrastructure providers to ensure an optimal deliverability service
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Enjoy the best-in-class, real-time deliverability services!

  • Deliverability support with IP warming
  • Authentication protocols
  • Batch sending by the end of the year
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SPF / DKIM support

  • Easily set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC to authenticate your domain
  • IP / domain reputation dashboard
  • IP pool management between accounts (advanced)
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Incomparable delivery speed and capability

  • 99% of the emails processed in less than 2s
  • Our API accepts 100k emails per minute!
  • Access an increased API rate limit
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Easily migrate and integrate with your stack to get your transactional emails timely delivered.

Send your emails with confidence! No more worrying about whether your email will make it to your contact’s inbox.

Send dynamic and personalized emails with a flexible API

  • Integrate any tool from your marketing tech stack, regardless of technical specs
  • Benefit from a comprehensive API library to match any stack
  • Enjoy custom webhooks and all the benefits of our transactional email service
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Enjoy multiple setup options for our solution

  • Choose from API, SMTP Relay, plugins or automation.
  • Our plugins allow you to easily configure your transactional email services
  • Easily integrate our solution with our website or application and set up your emails with ease
  • Fully customisable parameters enabled with Jinja2
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Get access to top notch email marketing features

Our platform scales to meet your needs, allowing you to do more with our best-in-class features whilst maintaining our simple and user-friendly interface. Manage email & SMS marketing and transactional activities, including automation!

Store, manage, and segment unlimited contacts

  • Collect, categorize, segment and target your contacts in a jiffy
  • Create forms, folders, lists and your own attributes in a just a few clicks
  • Filter your lists based on user data and behavioural data and save them for your dynamic segmentation
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Our super simple editor is available across all features to create great-performing emails

  • Create and manage your templates, no need to call on a developer for every change
  • Use our API to align your content across providers
  • Personalize the content with dynamic elements like contact information or parameters that you pass from your website programmatically using our templating language!
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Leverage marketing automation and use filters from any channel to build your scenarios

  • Our automation serves unlimited purposes: create advanced scenarios, send emails and SMS, Drive conversions, Score your contacts and more!
  • A tree-style presentation that enables you to visualise your entire scenario at a glance
  • With our plugins, all the data from your e-shop or website are automatically pulled with no action needed from you!
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