Aweber vs Brevo: compare prices and features

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Aweber is more expensive and less comprehensive than Brevo

Aweber features are mainly focused on email marketing.

The platform offers numerous optimisation tools like marketing automation, A/B testing and a lot of integrations. However, it does not offer other marketing channels like social ads, retargeting or live chat.

In comparison, Brevo is not limited to email marketing and is positioned as an all-in-one marketing tool : from the same platform, you can manage email campaigns, SMS marketing, Landing Pages, Facebook retargeting, Live Chat and CRM

Available features Brevo Aweber
Drag & Drop Editor
Templates Gallery
Double opt-in
Landing PageBuilder
Advanced metrics
Send Time Optimization
SMS campaigns
Transactional SMS
Marketing Automation
Lead Scoring

Aweber's prices increase according to the number of contacts

Aweber’s pricing is based on the amount of contacts in your lists, which leads to a costly and limiting usage if you manage numerous lists and high volumes of leads.

Moreover, Aweber does not offer a free unlimited account, but only a 30-day free trial.

Brevo offers an unlimited free account with up to 9,000 email credits per month and unlimited contact management.

Beyond this limit, pricing plans are based on the amount of monthly email credits, as well as on the premium features available.

Email Requirements Brevo Aweber
Send 3 campaigns to 300 contacts each month Free $19
Send 3 campaigns to 2,500 contacts each month $25 $29
Send 3 campaigns to 5,000 contacts each month $25 $49
Send 3 campaigns to 10,000 contacts each month $25 $69
Send 3 campaigns to 25,000 contacts each month $66 $149
Send 3 campaigns to 100,000 contacts each month $173 Custom quote
*This comparison is based on an estimate of 3 email campaigns per month sent to all of your contacts.

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