Your Dedicated Email Server for Bulk Email Marketing

Send bulk email easily with a quick, plug-and-play SMTP server for your marketing and transactional emails.

Send high volume emails with a fully managed email server

Brevo’s bulk email software has advanced contact management features to help you get maximum value from your email list and achieve higher levels of engagement.

High volume email marketing with unlimited contact storage

  • Manage email & SMS marketing and transactional activities in a single user-friendly interface
  • Unlimited contacts forever
  •  Connect your existing tech stack and data sources to power your bulk sending
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Set up and scale transactional emails with minimal effort

  • Real-time delivery 
  • Deliverability support with IP warming, authentication protocols
  • Batch sending (coming soon)
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Easy set up and dedicated support with our SMTP experts

  • Internal MTA managed by dedicated deliverability team
  • Enjoy more powerful priority sending with our dedicated Enterprise servers
  • Get up to 2 hours consulting per month with a deliverability expert
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Ready for your marketing & sales strategy to take off?

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Customize your bulk email server for optimal deliverability

Choose a fully managed bulk email server with confidence! Our email deliverability experts are constantly optimizing the reliability and speed of our SMTP infrastructure.

Get your own server with dedicated IP for bulk email sending

  • Your sender reputation will be determined solely on your sending behavior
  • Full assistance from our team during IP warming process
  • Better deliverability at your fingertips!
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SPF / DKIM support

  • Easily set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC to authenticate your domain
  • IP / domain reputation dashboard
  • IP pool management between accounts (advanced)
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Monitor and improve your email performance with a team of dedicated experts

  • From onboarding through to results,you’ll get dedicated assistance no matter what you need
  • Receive live training from your Customer Success Manager on each new feature for your specific use cases
  • A complete review of your performance plus an analysis on your deliverability results to help you adapt to your evolving needs
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Take your digital marketing strategy to the next level!

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Seamlessly integrate with all your apps and tools

A solution that connects to your ecosystem and is simple to integrate.

Send dynamic and personalized emails with a flexible API

  • Benefit from a comprehensive API library to match any stack
  • Access an increased API rate limit
  • Enjoy custom webhooks and all the benefits of our transactional email service
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Automate complex tasks with Marketing Automation

  • A “drag & drop” interface to build workflows in just a few clicks
  • Data from your ecommerce-shop or website are automatically pulled with no action needed from you
  • Easily track user navigation to create new automation scenarios for conversions or lead scoring purposes
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Browse through our integrations

  • Easily configure your transactional email serverices, web tracking, or landing page and form hosting with our plugins
  • Integrate any tool from your marketing tech stack, regardless of technical specs
  • Plugins for WordPress, Shopify, PrRestaShop, WooCommerce, and more.
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Get access to top notch email & CRM features

Best-in-class features in an all-in-one solution to accelerate your growth, leveraging the benefits of more powerful digital marketing campaigns.

Store, manage, and segment unlimited contacts

  • Create folders and lists, plus your own contact attributes
  • Filter your lists based on user and behavioural data
  • Save your filters and use them in dynamic segmentation
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Design beautiful transactional emails with drag & drop builder

  • Create, edit & customize your templates using drag and drop
  • Dynamically update templates at time of sending with specific content 
  • Use our API to align your content across providers
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Get access to professionally customized email marketing templates

  • Mobile-optimized and tested across multiple email clients for improved display
  • Fully editable master template to simply replace messaging and images
  • Hand coded with creative possibilities beyond our editor
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